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November 2013

Things are happening

My book has been successfully loaded into the template, ready to roll for the big December typesetting, editing MADNESS!!

I’m really hoping to get some work down before Christmas — but considering I work in retail I’m not going to hold my breath. I really do want to work on my days off (today) but it’s more likely I will end up being a little potato on my couch with my DS and Pokemon X. Or the books I ordered last week! I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT! 


P.S. Clearing out brain gunk: Best done with K-pop music and Looney Tunes.


Update! Self publishing! Editing! Apostrophe!

Hello hello all!

Well goodness, it’s been far too long since I’ve updated this blog. But that’s good; it means I’m working hard to get Bound finished and ready for the January launch!

The other day I met with a lovely chap to talk about self publishing. Sadly it’s going to be way too expensive to print with him. So I’m doing the hard yards and making everything myself. Well except for the cover. I’ve left that in the hands of a lovely lady a lot more talented than I am!

Will the book be available in paperback? Yes! I really want it to be available on Amazon, in hard copy, for anyone around the world who might want it. Of course there will also be an ebook available on a range of sights including Smashwords. I’m currently working away at getting it into the format Createspace loves, putting final edits on, typesetting and everything in between. I’m estimating this will take me the better part of December. I currently work in retail THE WORST SECTOR to be working in this time year in terms of lonnnnggg and mannnnyyy shifts coming out of my ears.

Talk soon!


P.s. Have you liked my Facebook page? Do it! 😀

Third time lucky

I have my 3rd paper print out copy of my manuscript and I am now editing like never before. PHEW!

At this point self-publishing is still the way I am heading, but I will chuck out a few more lines before December to a couple more industry places. However I really do like the idea of getting my book out there and moving, keeping it fresh. The YA genre in particular moves in trends and so it’s hard to know when your book will be in ‘fashion’. Take the recent vamp and sups craze that has now died in the bum.


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