Look it’s the 12th month of the year. Already. How?

It’s been a long 48 weeks of 2013 madness, and I’m so happy for it to be drawing to a close. For good reasons:

1) Christmas. I love Christmas. I don’t have a huge family, in fact it’s just 4 of us (including me). So for us it’s about eating food, drinking wine, playing games and being a total sloth for 24 hot summer hours. 

2) New Years’ Eve. Unsst, unsst, unsst… that’s the beat of heavy bass. Who doesn’t love popping crackers and dancing? 

3) A fresh start. I think the whole world breathes a sigh of relief on Jan 1st. It’s just this nice feeling of, “Okay, last year was a bit shit — but this year is going to be better! Money! New job! AWESOMENESS!!” It’s a good feeling.

4) Oh yeah… THE LAUNCH OF BOUND! I don’t have an official date yet, but all systems go for the month of Jan. I’m hoping to get the orders of print copies started on either the 1st or 2nd of Jan and have them asap for the launch party and THE WORLD. 



Book Update Info:

Cover: Designs are being drawn up as we speak…write…read…

Inside the book: I’m getting everything so shiny and wonderful you will go blind reading this book. Well I hope not. I will not be held liable if you do. 

ISBNs & Barcodes: I have them! OMG

Launch Date: Like I mentioned, still to come

Launch location: I’m currently based in Brisbane, Australia so… somewhere around there. But it should be up and on both Amazon and Smashwords by then. Plus I’m planning on doing a bit of website sales as well. But that needs more research/website alterations.