Hello all!

The book is coming along nicely. This week I have been editing my little heart out in-between work. (Kindle says I’m up to 63%, thanks Kindle!) I’m really hoping that all the editing I’m doing will translate into the epub and mobi files and not be a waste. Or I might actually have to… I dunno… (insert really random way of dying here. Like walking into a river trying to catch the moon or something.)

On to other things…

When you’re trying to write, be it a novel, short-story or what have you, the biggest thing you get told is WRITERS MUST READ. 

That makes sense. By reading you’re increasing your vocab, learning the ways other writers use their voice in text, seeing layouts and also crossing off a list in your head of things I WOULD NEVER DO! It’s all helpful. But I think the majority of writers who don’t read aren’t avoiding it because they think they’re too good, it’s because we have this idea that to be a ‘reader’ you must down a book a night, or at least a week. For some of us (ME) it takes a while to read a good book, especially if you work, have a house to maintain, general life is in the way and hell – let’s not even mention kids! 


If you are a writer wanting to read, but you are in the creative process and are worried that reading might interrupt your thoughts or you simply can’t hold anymore words in your head, I know the feeling, then there are other things you can do. 

YOUTUBE: My ultimate hero of all things holy. Go on youtube and search around for some music, use key words and see if you can find anything that matches a moment or a feeling in your work. Close your eyes. Can you see your characters? What are they doing? Open your eyes and jot down a few points, maybe sketch something.

SKETCHING: Yeah by sketching I don’t mean a perfect scene of a battle between good-and-evil. I mean a weird doodle that only makes sense to you. Drawing uses another part of your brain, giving your writing section a break. It can form a bridge and clear gunk.

These are only two methods. I have a whole bunch. I’m really hoping to present them at the 2014 Emerging Writers Festival. But either way I will eventually post them here. 

Take care out there!