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March 2014

What’s happening?

Hi Ya’ll!

I’m coming down off 2 of 3 crazy weekends this month. Next Saturday and Sunday I’m going to Supanova Gold Coast to share BOUND and hopefully sell a few to some lovely YA readers! 

I also have negotiations going on with my new editor at the moment for DIVIDED. The manuscript is like… 89% finished? So very close! Exciting stuff. I’m hoping to realise it by the end of 2014. 

Also – I have a new book coming. It’s not related in anyway to the Guardians series but it’s YA, fantasy and going to be another action packed adventure. It’s a one off book which will give my brain a much needed break from the world of Selestia before LIBERATE comes to life. More details on it as they come to me! Image

Bound is FREE (for a limited time only!!)

The ebook of BOUND is available now on smashwords and amazon free! Limited time only, like I’m talking LIMITED. So go and download it now. It’s free!! FREE!


I have a new website!

If you’re looking for author info, non-book related freelance blogs and events, then you should check out my new site!

This page will still be used for info regarding The Guardians trilogy though! So if you want book updates you’re still in the right place. 



DIVIDED Teaser Poster

Promotion for DIVIDED (The Guardians #2) Coming soon! (c) M.J. Stevens, created by same.

Indie Authors Down Under


I took a road trip yesterday to The Gold Coast to see fab indie and traditionally published authors at a massive signing event!

It was so good. I met some great ladies and, of course, came home with heaps of books and swag. It was a great experience for leaning how other writers present themselves and gave me a chance to practice my very awkward face-to-face speaking skills. “Yeah *cough* I actually just, ah, published my first novel… self-published… oh it’s YA. Yeah. Mmmn.’ 

Nice one. Nice one. -Facepalm-

So check the events tab to see if I’m heading to something near you! I have two massive weekends coming up and I’m also hoping to have DIVIDED to my new editor in April. Phew. Thank you to those who sent me info about the Newcastle Writers Fest. I’m actually from there (childhood) so I was keen to read about it. But sadly it falls on the same weekend as Gold Coast Supanova. I don’t live at the Gold Coast by the way. I just seem to be driving there a lot. o_O

Enjoy your weekend!


A reminder to reviewers…


If you were awesome enough to leave a review for BOUND on my Goodreads, I would love it if you could copy and paste it over on Smashwords and Amazon! (Especially if you said something nice!!)




Another BOUND Poster!

I love it! (Why yes honey I made it myself!) Does it make you want to read BOUND? … How about follow me on Twitter then?

Tour Sign-Up & Signing Books

Hi everyone,

The page for the book tour is officially up! If you want a free ebook version of BOUND in exchange for a review – not a giveaway – then please join! Or share with your reviewer friends. Clink on the pretty banner for the page!


Remember that I sign every copy of BOUND I sell! Why? Because… well, because it’s self-published and I can, but mainly because I love you guys!! I can even include a message if you wish. So why not grab a copy now and join The Guardians before DIVIDED comes later this year! 


March Update


Hello everyone!

How are we all enjoying March? Here in Australia March means autumn and I’m so happy that the weather is cooling down. Of course, where I live the humidity is rife 365 days a year (basically) so you can never escape. But it is cooler.

Anyhoo… I thought I would write up a little blog with some updates and new info. DIVIDED (The Guardians 2) is on its way! I’m writing very fast recently because my characters are screaming at me 24/7. Now, if you don’t write/aren’t creative you may start thinking that I am a schizophrenic for saying that. But that’s how my mind works.

I’m also super amped because I have three events on three weekends, in a row, coming up for me to promote BOUND. I also have an author talk coming up in July at a local library about self-publishing and being a young writer. I’m thinking about putting some info up on the blog, if anyone is interested, about the journey so far and how BOUND was created. It didn’t happen overnight, believe me!  

Keep your eyes out for a DIVIDED teaser trailer coming soon too! YAY!Image

Have a good one!



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