Hello everyone!

How are we all enjoying March? Here in Australia March means autumn and I’m so happy that the weather is cooling down. Of course, where I live the humidity is rife 365 days a year (basically) so you can never escape. But it is cooler.

Anyhoo… I thought I would write up a little blog with some updates and new info. DIVIDED (The Guardians 2) is on its way! I’m writing very fast recently because my characters are screaming at me 24/7. Now, if you don’t write/aren’t creative you may start thinking that I am a schizophrenic for saying that. But that’s how my mind works.

I’m also super amped because I have three events on three weekends, in a row, coming up for me to promote BOUND. I also have an author talk coming up in July at a local library about self-publishing and being a young writer. I’m thinking about putting some info up on the blog, if anyone is interested, about the journey so far and how BOUND was created. It didn’t happen overnight, believe me!  

Keep your eyes out for a DIVIDED teaser trailer coming soon too! YAY!Image

Have a good one!