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May 2014

She’s baaaad. Image editing by M.J. Stevens

DIVIDED Teaser – Blue

DIVIDED is with my editor this week. I have a copy I can edit (in paper) but I’d much rather mess around in photoshop. Here’s a picture for new character Blue. She looks like a child, but who is she? I guess you’ll see! For another full version, visit my facebook page here!Image

Oh and for those of you interested in knowing more: The DIVIDED blurb will be coming out this Saturday!! 


Free postage weekend & DIVIDED!! (ENDED!!)

This offer has now ended! Thanks to all who participated! 

Hi all!

Firstly I just wanted to remind everyone that Australian residents can get BOUND with FREE POSTAGE this weekend! Click though to here for the link. It’s a total steal! So please take advantage of this offer because it ends 25th May 2014 @ 9:00pm.

Also… look below! It’s DIVIDED! So for those of you who were skeptical that I’m working on it, well there it is! Completed and ready for editing! The cover for the new book should be coming JUNE too by the way so it will be up and official for you to tag as “to-read” on goodreads! How exciting! Thank you to everyone who has been a supporter of my work so far. If you’re interested in seeing me again soon – I have some events coming up. Head to and click on the tab!

Next Saturday: The blurb for DIVIDED will be released on my blog! So get excited! 

DIVIDED is here! Well sorta!

Free postage weekend 23rd May - 25th May 2014!! (Australia Only)

Mellea & Elentia Commission

Still my favourite commission piece from SUPER talented German artist Miyuli. I have my fingers crossed majorly she will do another one for DIVIDED. But who should it be?

End of the tour/DIVIDED/New book

Hi Everyone!

Well the book tour hosted by Xpresso Reads has come and gone. When I signed up, I was like “May? Oh em gee that’s long way off!” Now it’s over. Life is so funny that way. I was blessed to have some very talented reviewers taking the time to read BOUND. And even luckier to have some of these people enjoy BOUND. Here are only a couple of such wonderful comments: 

Truthfully, I’d wait a year or two or ten for the next book. Why? Because this book is that good, because Ms. Stevens writes that good, and because I want to know what happens of course!” Miriam, (5 stars)

“How long tell the next book? I need it now! Wow this story was amazing. I love how it had everything I love in a book, a touch of romance, fantasy, and sci fi all mixed into a fantastic story line. I was caught up in the action and the characters a great young adult novel and I am on fire for the next book.” Jan Farnworth (5 stars)

Another aspect of the book that I really liked were the characters. I really love all of them, both good and bad. It added some spice to the book. Each of them had a distinct quality and voice to them.” Nurafidah, MetInEleven (4 stars)

Thanks guys. I love you all.

Joke poster for DIVIDED. The MECHs are scary but… so are arts students!

Now, DIVIDED. DIVIDED. DIVIDED. DIVIDED. (Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!! — Brady Bunch… no? Okay never mind). DIVIDED is almost finished! Yes. I swear. I am hoping to send it to my editor this week for slashing and red pen madness. At this point I will say that I am on track for the December release. The DIVIDED novel will end on less of a cliffhanger to give me time to write the final installment, plus write my new book – totally un-Guardian related. I’m looking forward to writing this new tale. DIVIDED is bigger than BOUND currently sitting on just over 81,000 words (BOUND is about 67,000). So more Mellea & Leo, more MECHs, MORE DANGER! 

I will be releasing info on my new book mid-year. It’s for YA readers who are okay basically with the age & style of BOUND and also for readers just a tad younger as well. It’s a PG-13 novel – in other words. It’s fantasy and involves magic and other worlds. 

Happy reading!



Reviews… and shoes?

My review tour is live this week and I am so happy that people are liking BOUND. As a writer, and a person who has worked extensively in retail and sales, you really want to back your product. But sometimes you think, “Oh Glob, they’re going to hate it…” Thankfully more people than I expected are proving that thought wrong. If you’re interested in seeing the reviews, just check out BOUND’s Goodreads page, most of the reviewers have left links to their blogs.

Today I was looking for shoes online. I saw a pair and thought one of my characters might wear them. Then this spawned. Enjoy!Image

Deadly Foes

You think BOUND had some mean enemies? Wait until you read DIVIDED! (Te-he)

May Update

Hi everyone!

May is going to be a big month with plans for the cover of DIVIDED in the works, the manuscript nearing completion and my book tour (hosted by Xpresso Book Tours) starting May 12th. I really hope that by June I can do a cover reveal but that will depend on how my graphic designer is travelling – she’s an author too. I’ve done the front image for DIVIDED myself this time so I’m really hoping people will love it. (Yes I do have some photoshop skills so don’t worry!)

I’d like to take a second as well to thank everyone who has supported BOUND so far. More reviews have gone up on Goodreads and I’m really thrilled that positive feedback is coming through. I do read them and constructive criticism is taken on-board to insure DIVIDED won’t disappoint! Please share the love, reminding others that it is available both in paperback and as an ebook! 

If you haven’t read BOUND yet and are feeling lucky, I’m currently hosting a comp on Goodreads to win a copy! Enter now


M.J. Stevens did a great job crafting this futuristic world, and it’s secrets. I really enjoyed reading Mellea and Leo’s story, and can’t wait to read the rest of the installments in this series.” — Naughty Vixen Mafia




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