This offer has now ended! Thanks to all who participated! 

Hi all!

Firstly I just wanted to remind everyone that Australian residents can get BOUND with FREE POSTAGE this weekend! Click though to here for the link. It’s a total steal! So please take advantage of this offer because it ends 25th May 2014 @ 9:00pm.

Also… look below! It’s DIVIDED! So for those of you who were skeptical that I’m working on it, well there it is! Completed and ready for editing! The cover for the new book should be coming JUNE too by the way so it will be up and official for you to tag as “to-read” on goodreads! How exciting! Thank you to everyone who has been a supporter of my work so far. If you’re interested in seeing me again soon – I have some events coming up. Head to and click on the tab!

Next Saturday: The blurb for DIVIDED will be released on my blog! So get excited! 

DIVIDED is here! Well sorta!