Mellea by Me 🙂

Hi all!

June is here and that means it’s winter in Australia. This year was a pretty hot summer making the wind extra nippy when you’re not used to it! I do enjoy the cold though as it motivates me to read more. For some reason. And perhaps even write more, which will be a relief to hear to those waiting for DIVIDED. 

The manuscript is currently with my editor and I have a paper copy myself which is going through edits. The December release date is still good with advanced copies HOPEFULLY available for those attending Brisbane Supanova. I know December feels like forever away, so I do have a small surprise. The cover for DIVIDED will be sneakily going up on the goodreads profile for the book in a few days. I say sneakily because it’s not the ‘official’ cover yet, but it’s very, very, very close. Like only very small changes will be made. I’ve done the artwork for this cover and the pretty details will be done by my graphic designer!

Some News:

If you are a Brisbane resident and you’re not doing anything on the 12th of July, come see me at the Victoria Point Library as I will be doing a Q&A forum and it would be so sad to be talking to like 3 people. It’s free, you simply have to call and book your plastic chair. 

If you live in the Moreton Bay Region, BOUND is now available to borrow at the Caboolture & Arana Hills Libraries! SWEET!