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July 2014

Carindale Book Signing

Hi everyone!

Just a reminder that I have a book signing coming up this Sunday 3rd August at Carindale Dymocks. The event is from 11 – 2pm. I will have my books and my swag … both novel and human. Even if you have a copy, come see me! Nobody likes to be lonely!

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New website! New ways to buy! New!!

“Everything clean, everything new …” 

Okay so that’s a quote from South Park and I don’t really like South Park. But yes, my website is back up and has all new pages! The best page is the online cart! 


  • One, easy location to buy books.
  • Select your country! Purchases now open for Australia, UK, EU, USA & Canada.
  • Payments are still through paypal, but credit and debit card options are now available!
  • Simple way of telling me if you would like the book signed.
  • Discount shipping for multiple items.
  • I can now add discounts and coupons, mwa hahaha


I met Markus Zusak 10 years ago. Today, I understand his message.

I was in a book store yesterday and I purchased a copy of The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

It’s taken me a long time to get my hands on this book, but I knew I would enjoy reading it for two reasons. Firstly, I’ve read his other book The Messenger and it was delightful. He only has two books despite being a fantastic author. He really thinks about his stories.

[The lady at the book store said, ‘Unlike James Patterson who bangs out three books a year’. I replied saying he has several publishing houses behind him, so he can afford to pitch-pitch-pitch. Chances are one of them is going to take it. She said, ‘I find that a bit insulting to readers, don’t you think?’]

Secondly, my thirteen-year-old eyes were wide and bug like, because he was the first real author I had ever met; and his personality is amazing. I was thinking the other day about that author talk, back in 2004 – ten years ago – when he was asked questions by students. Someone raised their hand and said, “have you ever sat down and read your book?” meaning, as a proper, published book.

He replied, frankly, “No.”

At the time, I was shocked. I wished more than anything I could be sitting on my patio reading a real version of my book. I mean, seriously? All that work, and he hadn’t read it?

Now as an author myself, with one book out and another on the way, I totally agree. BLERGH!! [That was the sound of me vomiting]. I’ve read my book at least 300 times. Why would I want to read it again? Currently I’m doing the final edits on DIVIDED and it’s nauseating. Then, once the proofs come: Good thing I have a couple of chums, and my mum, who are going to help me. This is a totally normal feeling for writers. Once you start to feel like nothing you ever write is going to make it better: It’s time to stop. Chances are, you’re just making it worse.

M.J. xox

Please remember to fill out this form if you are interested in getting DIVIDED!

Who wants a copy of Divided?

Seriously, I want to know!

That’s why I’ve created this form to help me gather numbers for my ordering in October. 


No time like now

This weekend’s author talk went rather well.

I was almost expecting two or three people, but thankfully the number was around ten (not including staff – woo!) The questions weren’t hard but they did make me think. And I managed to get a few sales as well which is always nice.

One of the main themes that kept coming up was how young myself, and another author JFR Coates, were to be published authors. Now, being an indie author, I kind of tilt my head to the side a bit when people say that. Everything that I have, which is not a lot; to do with my writing career, I made myself. So honestly, I think anyone could do it if they tried. Modern technology is a beautiful and powerful thing. I’m just using the tools I have.

 It’s really nice to see people supporting indie work because we’re keeping the beautiful paperback alive! (If you’re not just an ebook author). In my case, every book I sell goes towards helping make the next one – printing materials, promotional materials, convention payments and of course the printing of the book!

I’m looking forward to meeting more people on the 3rd August at Carindale Dymocks! 

M.J. Me (2)





Editing & Author Talks

Today I’m pushing through on my editing and corrections for DIVIDED. I’ve already had the work checked out by my editor, and now it’s just a long process of ensuring everything is okay.

I’m doing an author talk on the weekend and the organiser, like the angel she is, has sent me the questions they’ll be asking, for practice. Here’s one: “I would imagine the editing process could be quite lengthy [yes, for the love of God YES] Could you tell us about your own experiences and what is involved in the editing process?”

Now that’s a loaded question and one I know I’ll struggle with on the day. But I found this picture today (below) and basically, this explains it all!

Have a good one!





Here it is, the official cover for DIVIDED! Big thanks to K. A. Last for making this possible! I also have the lovely Lauren McKellar who has done the editing for me! Look out for a new teaser book trailer being uploaded to my facebook soon.










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