It’s both really good and really bad that my brain never sleeps.

I’ve finished DIVIDED and now I’m waiting for the proofs so I can do a final edit and get them ordered for November. In the meanwhile, I’m writing a new book. (The idea felt a bit like this). ShockIt’s not at all Guardian related. Don’t worry, DIVIDED ends with more closure than BOUND so whilst I’m sure you will be excited for LIBERATE you will be more willing to wait until 2015 (without killing me in the meanwhile). 

Sadly for me, I tend to think things and then it becomes set in stone. It happened with DIVIDED. “Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have it ready for Brisbane Supanova in November?” Then I was hell bent in getting it finished. It happened this morning. “Do you think this new book could be ready for March for the indie author event?” AHHH!! Now I have to do it because YES that would be freaking awesome. So the eight month challenge has started again. I usually write books in three months and then sleep for a week. It could totally happen with this new project. 

I think deadlines can be good though. I know a lot of writers who don’t make themselves have things finished by a certain time, and they never finish them. I used to be one. I was so flustered about having things perfect that BOUND took me eight years. If I had reached out for help and advice earlier, it would have sliced about four years off that. So I’ve stopped being afraid to put down the pen once I write THE END and start assessing the work and editing. 

Happy Writing!