Yesterday I ordered my paperback copies of DIVIDED. I’m so excited about this and I hope everyone is looking forward to reading the next chapter in Mellea’s story! It will be available via the website for paperbacks and amazon and smashwords for ebooks. In fact, the smashwords version is live for pre-orders: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/475531

Amazon should be too, but sadly I did it wrong and now I have to unpublish it and wait until the date to re-publish it. Just a note: Amazon may say something about getting a paperback through them but please ignore it for now. For some reason it’s coming up with an option (on some sites) to buy a paperback. But I haven’t actually given Amazon the full cover, only the front cover … so why they think they can do a paperback is beyond me? Anyway! Website please, I sign them through there and give out swag!

Speaking of which, I’ve decided what I want to give away in the prize pack and I’ll be taking some pictures soon! It’s nothing super-duper fancy but, it’s worth winning!


❤ ❤

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And just a reminder that the $5 off BOUND promotion ends 18th September, Thursday, tomorrow!!