How is everyone today? It’s getting towards the end of the year and I can’t help but feel that the world, on a whole, gets so tried this time of the year! I guess especially Australia because our year is January – December, so we don’t have a big break in the middle. Summer + Christmas in one massive hit!

I always get to this time of the year and start to fret that I haven’t really achieved enough. I’m one of those people that have to top what they did last year.

Yes, by the end of 2014 I will have published two books. I think sometimes people forget that BOUND debuted in January 2014 and I didn’t have plans to publish DIVIDED until 2015, with LIBERATED set for way in the 2016 future. Due to the wonderful responses to BOUND I was inspired to push forward and in many ways my confidence as a writer was strengthened; strangers don’t lie about what they thought of your work!


Of course, it really doesn’t feel like enough and I’ve been trying to get back into doing more freelance work. However, for anyone; be them a photographer, or writer, or candlestick maker (ha-ha) “freelance” work means to many people, “free”. I’ve done lots of free freelance work because it’s great for experience, but there has to be a point where your services land you at least a few dollars, yet sadly most people want quality pieces for nothing.

I’ve won’t name names, because I don’t do that, but I was asked to do a freelance piece for a certain someone and they bugged me and bugged me about it, despite the fact that I had to fit it in during the week and drive for 30 minutes each way to get to the location (a location I didn’t know too), and called me unprofessional when the interviewee got upset they didn’t know the date. But it was the person I was working for who was supposed to organise that. So, long story short, I didn’t get paid and I had to deal with someone who was insanely rude, all for the sake of experience. That was my last free freelance piece as I promised that I would never go through that again without a future prospect.

I guess us creative types will just have to push on until we find that magical pot of gold!