Hi everyone,

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At the moment, I’m basically typing stories with one hand and resumes with the other. I’m actually a communications bachelor holder, but I really only did my degree so I could write. But seeing as how an absolute miracle hit me: I got INTO uni, I took it. Sometimes I get asked if I’m still at uni and I say yes because it’s easier. I actually finished in 2012 and have been bumping around in retail and whatnot ever since. Stay in school kids, there are no jobs.


In the meanwhile I’m promoting Bound and of course, Divided! I’ve nearly sold out of the advanced copies, but the rest will be here soon. I’m keeping the official release date as the 28th to correspond with Supanova Brisbane which is the first event I will physically have Divided for. I will have individual books and packs and I am so freaking excited!! But of course you can get it now! Do it! DIVIDED.

A big thanks to Redland City Libraries, Moreton Bay Regional Libraries and Logan City Libraries (books coming to you soon) for supporting my work and purchasing copies for the public.

I’m trying to hook up some more book signings too for next year. I will probably ask closer to the new year where people want me! I will be taking the Gold Coast by storm March – April with a total of 3 full days of book selling and signing. http://www.mjstevensauthor.com/upcoming-events

Liberated is coming along steadily! If you’ve been keeping up with my Facebook and/or twitter you will have seen that the first draft word count is storming ahead. At last out I was about 23000 words in. (As a rough guide Bound is 63,000 words and Divided is 72,000 words) so the first ten chapters are down. The story is going to be different than the other two. It’s definitely more of a ‘where do you fit?’ story leading up to the final chapters. But be prepared for some awesome action as Mellea and the Guardians take on not one, but TWO enemies… interested yet?

Happy reading and writing.