I have my nickers in a bunch, and so I plan to write a blog with a rare touch of anger.

I read a review today of a traditionally published book. The woman was unhappy with it, fair enough, but used this little quip in her statement: “It reads like something self-published” as a reference the mundane story and style of writing. The novelist is a talented wordsmith and so what it said to me was that “mundane stories” that publishing houses “don’t want” are what indie books are all about. That is total crap. Every indie author has a reason for being indie. Some have tried publishing houses only to receive a bucket load of rejections, some like to be in full control of their projects, some are starting a business … the list is endless. For me, I’m a genre writer in the competitive section: Young Adult.

Genre fiction works on cycles, even if the big houses say that’s not true. Think about it, vampires, speculative fiction, dystopians… there is a reason books come out at the same time. I personally didn’t want to wait for my style to come in, if it ever did.

Everyone has their own opinion, I’ve really disliked a lot of books in my time, which is what spurred me to write one, but as a self published author I feel like I was just punched in the face, and this isn’t even my book she is reviewing.

It’s not the first time I’ve heard such a thing, in fact something similar was said to me in-person by a reader about the quality of self-publishing being lower than traditional publishing etc (meanwhile I was forced to sit there and smile as she touched my book with her non-believer fingers, searching for errors whilst other people waited behind her.)

I don’t think this is very fair to say at all, and using self-publishing as a yardstick to bag out a novel is not cool. Find something else. Phew. Thank you!