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Hi Everyone!

Well, what a weekend that was, three days of madness. Actually, for me it was a monster four days because I had to set up the night before. Yes, I’m talking about Brisbane Supanova, that thing you hear about on the radio where people who aren’t geeks joke and laugh about people in costume, which isn’t even accurate; it’s called cosplay. (Can you tell I’m a former cosplayer?)

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Anyway, this weekend I wasn’t in cosplay which was a strange feeling after so many years dressing up, but I was there as little old me, selling my books and meeting the best group of people Brisbane has to offer. I’ve been a Supanova attendee since 2006 and so I knew this would be a great place to sell. And the volunteers are amazing, mainly because they take the time to go through the alley and about four have been recurring fans of mine, HI GUYS!

Weekend highlights:

Basically everyone I met was a bit of a highlight for me, thank you all so much for taking an interest in my work and supporting, even if it was only a promo card! A major highlight though for the weekend was being interviewed by White Spirit Magazine. It’s a recorded interview and I was next to an amazing looking chick-a-dee in a batgirl outfit, so a little nervous about seeing myself next to her!

I also got to meet a bunch of budding writers who are basically a reflection of me a little over 12 months ago. I’ve been getting plenty of questions and emails about writing and I’m more than happy to answer questions, I feel so famous!

Some people ask me if I mind doing that. Here’s the thing: You want to ask me about the industry, writing, author branding, editing, how I printed my books, websites … facebook … whatever, along those lines – hit me! I only get a bit, let’s say uncomfortable, when people try and force their story on me when I’ve only just met them two seconds ago. I understand they’re enthusiastic, but I heard a lot of that this weekend at tables around me and the booth holders were trying so hard to not be rude, that perhaps this wasn’t the place.

Also, some guy used another table to sell his books without permission! (He chatted up a customer looking to speak to the lady behind the table and sold her his manky book) Thankfully security got him! That was weird. It takes all kinds!photo 4

So what now? Well I go back to writing and life in general! I will post a December update with some information on Liberated.

If you missed out on seeing me at Supanova I do have copies of Divided left, but they are limited! I’m doing another order in the New Year so if you want one, I would suggest getting one now! Also, the packs are up on the website for the special price of $25 as per the convention!

Keep on writing!