Hi everyone!

Welcome back to another blog about writing! This week I’m talking about becoming a writer!

How to Become a Writer

So you’ve decided you want to write, you want to be an author, a diligent wordsmith, but where the heck do you even start You have to have an idea, a goal. No matter how far away or impossible it seems, setting a goal for a genre or outcome will help you with the next steps. Since I’m a YA fiction writer, let’s use that as an example.

  • Research: La blarrrr~ no it’s okay! Research doesn’t have to be a chore, but it has to happen. You can’t write about an evil million dollar cooperation if you have no idea how one works. What do you think you’re just going to walk in there and talk to the boss, demand answers, have your character woo him with new ideas and get him on your side? Wow, you really do write fiction! No, of course not, there are systems and protocols that are logical and help give your story a thickness it’s going to need to survive. And that’s where the fun is, really, taking what already exists and making your own high-tech security system! Having your character meet others who will help him or her on their path to greatness. Make it up, and then have your characters prove it’s real.
  • Find your active-time. Not everyone is the same and so, you need to find a time that’s comfortable for you to write. Just because Jonny No-sleep stays up until 4am writing, doesn’t mean you have to, or should! If you need to drive 60 minutes to work the next day, living on 3hrs sleep is dangerous and unproductive. So think: Do you love the mornings? Are you a night owl? Work out your routine with either work or school and don’t forget those unpredictable children, and start making it a point to sit down and write. Failing that, I have another point for you …
  • Writing on the go! We’re all so busy and sometimes ideas literally fly at us when we least expect it. Most modern phones have note-taking software. Jot down a few of those key points for later, email them to yourself. Trust me; you WON’T remember them later even if you say you will. Then you will hate yourself.
  • I love using my phone to do voice recordings. When I’m home alone I grab a seat for 10 mins and chat away. At first, yes, you feel like you’re talking to yourself (especially when you start doing character voices). But now, I love just speaking it out, pretending I’m reading it, then you can type it up later, and when heaps of people are around: Headphones!
  • There is no better way to learn human interactions then to watch actual humans. Next time you are getting coffee or shopping, open your eyes. What can you tell about him or her by looking. What might people assume verses what is probably true? I personally love watching people. I like watching, say, a mother trying to handle a screaming child, taking in my first impressions of her and the kid, and then flipping it on it’s head. Who is she? Why does she look so tired? Where is his father? Is that child sick? Build stories and let them go. This skill is so helpful. It even works on buildings, houses, business … just try not to get caught leering, or she may call security.