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January 2015

You’ve asked! Hidden Pre-orders Now Open!

You guys wanted it! I umm-ed and ahh-ed about it, now it’s here!

The Guardians Short Story Collection Hidden is scheduled to be released the week of 13th of April, date TBA, to coincide with Gold Coast Supanova 2015. At first I was hesitant about doing a pre-order because A) I don’t like selling/promising products I don’t have in my hands B) I was nervous no one would want one! (That’s just me as an author, I’m always overwhelmed by the fantastic reading and writing community.)

How it will work/Some MUST READ info!

1) I will send out invoices via Paypal to the address you’ve specified.

2) You will have until the 1st of March to pay for your book or the order will be cancelled.

3) If you choose to have it posted, and it becomes available BEFORE the week I have stated (which happened with Divided) I will post it ahead of time!

4) If you are choosing Supanova, but then cannot make it for w, please tell me as soon as you can so I can arrange postage for you.

5) As the sales from this pre-order go straight into buying/editing/printing and all things to do with the book, not into a personal profit account, it will be very hard for me to give refunds so PLEASE let me know if there are any issues BEFORE you pay. We can work it out!

6) Any international orders will have a slightly higher postage rate so please contact me at: for more information and note that it will take a little longer to get to you! 🙂

Nominations open! Please vote!

Hello everyone!

I’m going to the Readers and Writers Down Under event on the Gold Coast in March. They’re having a red carpet event and awards night and I would love a chance at a nomination! So please (with many e’s in the middle) vote for me! There are heaps of categories but I’ve taken them down for 4 so we can aim for glory! 🙂



Entries close end of January so don’t delay!

Thanks so much everyone for helping out! If I win I will dedicate the award to all of you because I have nothing without my loyal followers!!


BOUND Birthday Sale!


Today was the official release day for Bound one year ago! I’m so pleased that I’m having a special offer day. If you haven’t read the book now is your chance!

1) Ebook giveaway – check out the Giveaway Tab on my facebook,  to win a copy of Bound!

2) The voucher is back! Head to my

Then use the code BDAY5 to get $5 off your paperback version of Bound, Divided or the book pack of 2! WOW!!

Both offers end at 12pm Brisbane QLD time so HURRY!

BOUND TURNS ONE! Birthday giveaway!


Can you believe it? On the 21st of January 2014 my debut book Bound was officially introduced to the world.

This last year has been amazing, full of plenty of exciting moments, weird moments, bummed-out moments, surreal moments and happy-tears moments. I wonder what this year will hold for Divided, Hidden and Liberated? I only hope they can grow to have the same response Bound has, if so, we’re doing all right!

To celebrate Bound’s birthday bash (woo, overuse of the letter ‘b’) I have an ebook copy to give away!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you so much for supporting! 🙂


January Update!


Hello all!

Wow, so it’s like two weeks into the new year. How does this keep happening?

If you follow my Facebook I’m sure you will have seen the updates about Liberated. Basically, I’ve been through the ringer and back with this book, feeling the pressure for it to be good so I don’t disappoint you all! This is part of the reason why I’ve decided to launch Hidden first.

After much deliberation over Liberated, I have decided that I’m stripping back the story. Why? Because I made it so complicated I actually started to forget huge parts of the story myself. Not good. I got to … almost the end, and realised it couldn’t be ended because there were too many lose ends. The last thing I want to do is miss out on the basic points that were set up in Divided for this book, things such as [SPOILER ALERT] Mellea’s gifts, what happened to Doctor, Blue and much more. These points I’m going to cover first and work back. So, I have taken down the synopsis for Liberated from Goodreads for now, because it’s going to be different than I first wrote.

It’s going to be much more epic than I originally thought. Hint: The tables have turned.

By they way Hidden is now up on Goodreads and I’ve written it’s blurb! I’m literally working with my designer now on cover stuff and it will be released in February! Add to your list NOW!

Announcement! Hidden: The Guardians Short Stories


Hello everyone!

I said I’d be letting you know what is going on with my books on Monday, so here we go!

I’ve had a long think over the weekend about what I would like to do with my books and what is best for the story, etc. I’ve decided that since I have seven short stories about Selestia, sitting on my computer, I’m releasing a new, mini-book. It’s going to be called Hidden. At this stage I’m looking at about seventy or so pages, and considering Bound is 360pgs, yes it’s small.

Don’t worry! Liberated is still coming, but I am moving it’s release date back to October at this stage.

The book will feature stories from Leo, Neros, Anrella … and more! Because it features new characters such as Tal and Dreya, whom  you meet in Divided, I’ve set the book as a #2.5 (after BOUND and DIVIDED, but before LIBERATED).

[Even though a number of stories are actually more like a #0.5 (before BOUND) confused yet?] It’s essentially so no one is upset over any spoilers.

Like with DIVIDED, I will be ordering a small batch of books to get started. So, if you’re interested in reading it, please fill out this general survey to help me out! This survey is obligation free, it’ll just let me know where the market is at for this first batch.

When will Liberated be out?

Hi Everyone!

I’d like to say a quick thanks to all those who have been great and so supportive of my books. It means so much to me that people are enjoying them, and there is no better inspiration to keep writing.

As most of you know the third book in the Guardian series, Liberated, is in progress. I’m hoping to have the book ready by April, but there is an absolute mountain of work that will need to happen to get it ready in time. (It was nearly 11 months between Bound and Divided.) So at the moment I can’t promise a deadline for Liberated, as much as I know that will kill my loyal Supanova followers who will be seeing me on the Gold Coast in April.

I promise to keep posting updates and hopefully we can get this done. It’s not just the writing that needs to happen, which is the most stressful out of the three because I owe it to you all to end these books with a bang!

There is also cover design, editing, proofing and printing, all of which aren’t free. Every book that I sell goes towards making another book! So please care and share!


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