Hi Everyone!

I’d like to say a quick thanks to all those who have been great and so supportive of my books. It means so much to me that people are enjoying them, and there is no better inspiration to keep writing.

As most of you know the third book in the Guardian series, Liberated, is in progress. I’m hoping to have the book ready by April, but there is an absolute mountain of work that will need to happen to get it ready in time. (It was nearly 11 months between Bound and Divided.) So at the moment I can’t promise a deadline for Liberated, as much as I know that will kill my loyal Supanova followers who will be seeing me on the Gold Coast in April.

I promise to keep posting updates and hopefully we can get this done. It’s not just the writing that needs to happen, which is the most stressful out of the three because I owe it to you all to end these books with a bang!

There is also cover design, editing, proofing and printing, all of which aren’t free. Every book that I sell goes towards making another book! So please care and share!