Hello everyone!

I said I’d be letting you know what is going on with my books on Monday, so here we go!

I’ve had a long think over the weekend about what I would like to do with my books and what is best for the story, etc. I’ve decided that since I have seven short stories about Selestia, sitting on my computer, I’m releasing a new, mini-book. It’s going to be called Hidden. At this stage I’m looking at about seventy or so pages, and considering Bound is 360pgs, yes it’s small.

Don’t worry! Liberated is still coming, but I am moving it’s release date back to October at this stage.

The book will feature stories from Leo, Neros, Anrella … and more! Because it features new characters such as Tal and Dreya, whom  you meet in Divided, I’ve set the book as a #2.5 (after BOUND and DIVIDED, but before LIBERATED).

[Even though a number of stories are actually more like a #0.5 (before BOUND) confused yet?] It’s essentially so no one is upset over any spoilers.

Like with DIVIDED, I will be ordering a small batch of books to get started. So, if you’re interested in reading it, please fill out this general survey to help me out! This survey is obligation free, it’ll just let me know where the market is at for this first batch.