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February 2015

Quick Update: Birthday Love & HIDDEN.

Hi everyone!

Thanks so much to everyone for the kind birthday wishes on Friday! I had to work a massive shift so it was really lovely to come home and read all the nice words! ❤

Due to an overwhelming, and somewhat unexpected, response I have decided to extend the cut-off date for HIDDEN’s Pre-Orders to 7th of March! If you’ve missed the from, it’s HERE

And I am also still looking for bloggers to help with HIDDEN’s cover reveal on Saturday 7th of March. If you are keen to assist me on my mission to share the Guardians with the world, you can find more details HERE


Cover Reveal Tour Now Up!

CaptureHey all!

As promised, here the details of my Hidden cover reveal tour:

The girls at Hot Tree Promotions are really friendly and happy to answer any questions you might have about what you need to do if you’re unsure. They will send you all the details including the cover, so you kind of get to see it first!

Happy revealing … wait that sounds dirty … nevermind. Just go for it.

M.J. x

Hidden Pre-Order’s closing soon!


Hello everyone! It’s Sunday and I don’t have to work, so feeling pretty good.

If you’re thinking about getting HIDDEN I would highly suggest getting a pre-order in because the Aus $ isn’t great right now, so I will be limiting the amount of books I order for the launch/Gold Coast Supanova. Hidden paperbacks are only $10 within Australia (event price, postage $3.50 for outside events). Orders end 1st March 2015.

I can’t wait to show you all the cover on the 7th of March. Keep an eye out for another blog this week with sign-up details!



Events coming up …

As most of you know, I have two events coming up soon. The Readers and Writers Down Under Event on the Gold Coast March 28th and Gold Coast Supanova Pop Culture Expo April 18th and 19th! (A lot of GC action!)
Hidden will be available for purchase from me at GoldNova! You can fill out the pre-order form for pickup at the event if you wish.

I would like to announce my first EVER out of state event, Sydney Oz Comic Con! WOO! It’s in September which means, no, sorry I won’t be going to Brisbane Oz Comic Con. Boohoo! It’s too close together and I think my new job would kill me.

BUT, that being said I have also officially booked Brisbane Supanova in November and something is happening on that weekend … Hmm, what is it … oh yes… LIBERATED’s launch!

Announcements …

I will be releasing details soon for a Hidden cover reveal hosted by Hot Tree Promotions. If you’re a blogger or would just generally like to share, watch this space. I will post a blog with more details for sign up. It’s a great cover, you won’t be disappointed!


February Update!

Hello amazing peeps! How’s life? (No seriously feel free to tell me, I love stories.)

We reached over 300 FB likers this week! *Carmen Miranda fruit-hat dance!*

Sorry that I’m kind of late with my Feb update, what’s going on with my books and such, but life has been so … darn … stressful! I won’t bore you with all the details. Let’s just say every time I turn around it’s like AHH! Another PROBLEM! I think I’m at the peek of ultimate stress, uni now feels like a breeze-fest.

But, thankfully there’s a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel filled with books and job-related money, so I’m bolting for it!

HIDDEN is undergoing a good strong edit early next week. I needed time to forget exactly what I had written so my brain will pick up on errors quicker. Plus I have some lovely ladies who have agreed to help me out with this process. The cover is also coming. My designer has been quite patient, but I’ve finally been able to give her dates. Expect a cover reveal soon!

What else … LIBERATED is slowly emerging behind it all. I’m on my third version of the manuscript which means all those words I typed (yeah, #NANOWRIMO) … they kind of went in the bin. However I feel TONNES better reading the new stuff and it gave me ideas of where I did and didn’t want the story to go. In my first drafts Mellea is always such a cow and Leo is a wuss. We must fix this! WE CANNOT HAVE A THIRD BOOK IN THIS CONDITION!

Readers and Writers in March! I have told my new job about this and they’ve approved time off! Sadly I gave them the wrong dates for some stupid reason though and now I have to correct it today, praying they won’t be mad. EEP! If anyone is going and wants a book, especially DIVIDED please email me because I’m running low on stock for just DIVIDED and I won’t be ordering more until after this for Gold Coast Supanova.

And that’s about it! Stay tuned to my Facebook for more frequent updates!


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