Events coming up …

As most of you know, I have two events coming up soon. The Readers and Writers Down Under Event on the Gold Coast March 28th and Gold Coast Supanova Pop Culture Expo April 18th and 19th! (A lot of GC action!)
Hidden will be available for purchase from me at GoldNova! You can fill out the pre-order form for pickup at the event if you wish.

I would like to announce my first EVER out of state event, Sydney Oz Comic Con! WOO! It’s in September which means, no, sorry I won’t be going to Brisbane Oz Comic Con. Boohoo! It’s too close together and I think my new job would kill me.

BUT, that being said I have also officially booked Brisbane Supanova in November and something is happening on that weekend … Hmm, what is it … oh yes… LIBERATED’s launch!

Announcements …

I will be releasing details soon for a Hidden cover reveal hosted by Hot Tree Promotions. If you’re a blogger or would just generally like to share, watch this space. I will post a blog with more details for sign up. It’s a great cover, you won’t be disappointed!