HIDDEN ‘officially’ launches at GC Supanova!

This weekend [18th – 19th of April] is Gold Coast Supanova! It’s a pop culture festival incorporating all kinds of nerdom. I’ve met a lot of my followers because of Supanova when they took a stroll down the Artist Alley 😀

I’ve been going to Supanova (mostly Brisbane, before Gold Coast was a thing) since 2006. It’s changed SO MUCH over that time and grown like crazy. The Alley has expanded too with a new section now available on the application form, “Indie Press Zone”. A great number of independently published authors have seen that Supanova is a great place to meet people who love reading. It’s also a great experience for us and we love talking to you.

Although sometimes we do get rather shy when we see people squinting at us from a distance. I always panic and think that they’re judging me. I need a sign that notifies people that I’m insecure, maybe?

Speaking of insecure, two years ago today I was feeling both excited and nervous. I had just printed out my first copy of BOUND at a local store and was ready to edit. YES! Little did I know a year later I would be SELLING the book at Gold Coast Supanova for the first time, and right now, I’m going again with THREE books! I mean … CAPTIAL LETTERS SAY IT ALL!

My first print of BOUND!

I can’t wait to see those who are coming at the show and talk about what went down when I return!

Have a safe and happy weekend!