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September 2015

September Update: What happened to you, MJ?

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to write quick blog post to say that I’m still alive! I know I’ve dropped off the radar a bit lately and this has been really troubling for me. My writing work and my life as an author comes first, but sadly lately I feel as if I have lost sight of that goal. Life has been getting in the way of every tiny thing I try and do and so I have been quite emotional and distracted.

Not to preach or anything, but I really truly feel that people shouldn’t perpetuate happiness on social media if they’re not happy. I think we’re all too accustomed to seeing only when people are doing really well (or at least that’s what they’re posting) and then start to feel as if we’re doing something wrong because we’re not okay.

It’s okay not to be okay sometimes.

Conversely, I don’t like bumming people out with my crapola either. So I’ve been avoiding everything.

Today I had a wake-up call about how bad my hermitting has gotten when I let someone down, which kills me because I’m very much a person who has the natural fibre of wanting to please EVERYONE.

I just wanted to say also that I do apologise for any missed messages or late orders.

I really hope that I can write some more blog posts and updates towards the end of the year as we come to the launch of Liberated. I’ve started getting all the pre-order things (bookmarks, special stuff) together and that’s really cheering me up. Plus, I’m making brand new bookmarks for the launch and the pre-order people will get them first!

I will start planning some blogs over the coming weeks. If anyone has anything in particular you’d like me to talk about, be it books to life, feel free to message me. I do love inspirational ideas.

Thanks again everyone for continuing support!



BOUND is on sale!!

SPRING HAS SPRUNG! (Everyone is sneezing, it MUST be springtime!)
I want to share the love and so I’ve decided to do a month-long sale. YES. Please share with anyone keen on YA. It’s also a great time to start thinking about those end of year gifts.

Of course all the books come with a special bookmark and I’m doing free gift wrapping now because I love wrapping things.


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