Hello hello, blog friends!

It’s October already, can you believe it? August for me went really slow, but I blinked and missed September.

Before I get started, I just wanted to say hello to Brazil … because apparently my blog is viewed by a lot by people there. I had no idea (being based in Australia and all) so… hello Brazil!! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Let’s talk Guardian Series.

This month is going to be big. I’m ordering the paperback copies of Liberated around the 8th of October, so if you haven’t put in a pre-order and you would like to, you have until the 8th! All paperback pre-orders come with matching Blue and Tal bookmarks, as seen on social media, and I’m trying to get some more pin buttons too with different things on them, like those I had at previous conventions.

The ebook pre-orders are now available on Amazon.If you missed the message about Liberated being available for ebook pre-order fear not: HERE IS THE LINK. Ebook pre-orders will remain open until the launch date/earlier which is currently set at 25th November 2015.

Please join us if you haven’t already for our characters spotlights happening over on Facebook as we lead up to the launch!

Now let’s talk my next upcoming project!


I also announced on my Facebook this week that I will be presenting a sneak peak and new book trailer for The Dream Thief including an introduction to my new protagonist, Kate Lane. I will also announce main character, Cole Marshall, and a bit out him in the story.

I’m looking forward to getting in and writing this book. I do however plan to take a bit of time off around the Christmas break to just enjoy Summer (yes, Australia again, remember?) as I’ve now moved into a full-time job and things are busy!

I’m really looking forward to writing new characters again and working on developing them by learning what they do and don’t like, plus taking them on the adventure as we uncover the story. The Dream Thief is not a series, it is a standalone book. I do have plans for another book, but I really think it might become a series without meaning to, which is why I decided to work on TDT before I get too excited with that one.

Well that’s all for now!

Keep writing and reading.