One of my first Facebook cover photos!

Around this time, two years ago, things were heating up.

Yes, it was getting into Summer here in Australia BUT I mean for me as an author.

Did you know it took me nearly a year to actually call myself an author? I had the book, I had the name, I had the Facebook page… and yet still I would shy away from being called an author. I would tack writer onto everything.

Maybe it’s because it didn’t seem real, and sometimes it still doesn’t. I started out with only the vaguest idea of what being an indie author would mean for me. I was scared of failure. It’s a big scary world out there and yes, I will admit that Bound has seen many publishing houses… but those copies never returned to me. That isn’t the reason I became indie. I had this burning desire to write that I wouldn’t allow to be silenced!

As we get closer and closer to Liberated’s launch I need to remind myself of all the hard work, tears (measured in BUCKETS) sweat, and countless hours spent on each novel. I’m not sure if it’s being young, or a cultural thing, but I have trouble patting myself on the back and admitting I have done a good job. I always downplay it.

Today, however, darn it …. I think I’ve done great…. AHH!! That’s the best I can do!

I wonder what another year will bring? Another book? A contract? More conventions? Who knows!? I’m excited for it though.