NaNoWriMo. A word that is easy to type, but hard to say.

Seriously, try it. You sound nuts.

If you’re not familiar with NaNoWriMo it stands for National Novel Writing Month. The idea is that it’s an all out personal writing challenge, no holding back, no second thoughts, rush to pump out those words without thinking… and I’m… not doing it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I think NaNoWriMo is a great idea. I do. However I’m one of those people that has a 1000 ideas a second, but the moment someone says, hey you have to write this many words in this amount of time, they all vanish; like the world’s most UNCOOL magic trick. (WHY!? WHERE ARE THE IDEAS?!)

So no, I won’t be doing NaNo this year. If you’re a budding writer though that isn’t as terrified as I am of deadlines, then you should totally do it. You can find out more information here:

November is going to be a busy month for me anyhow with the launch of Liberated on (hopefully) the 1st of November. The paperbacks are on their way to me as we speak and I’m waiting around like an expectant mother for my due date. Also, there is Supanova (Pop Culture Expo) 27th-29th November in Brisbane which is always a super fun and great event.

I’m also working on The Dream Thief (getting into full on writing very soon) and presenting some info/teasers for it on December 1st.

That’s about all for now.

Happy writing and reading!