Hello everyone!

Did you know that Monday 25th January marks BOUND’s second birthday? It’s almost hard to believe! For those who don’t know, BOUND originated in a very tiny way from a game I used to play, in my head, when I was about 10 years old. Everything starts somewhere! Since then it went through about 8 full manuscripts, 2 hardcore sessions with authors, about 20 buckets of tears from me, 1 large design project and TADAA~ it exists!


The last two years have taught me so much about writing, publish and establishing a business. Whilst there is so many tips out there in cyberspace, there is no set guide on how to become an indie author. It’s all about what works for you, how you want to create your book, what events you want to attend, who you commission for art or design works, how much you charge or are willing to spend… it’s all totally on you. It’s been a big learning curve but I love every aspect about being indie and carving my own path.

I can’t wait to start working fully on my next project, details of which I will be announcing on 27th Feb which is my birthday (when better?)

Mellea and Leo plushie