Hello Sentry Officers!

Recently I have been asked to do a few signings, which is amazing, but often I encounter a few misconceptions about authors and their lifestyle. I thought I would take a moment to share and bust some of these myths.

 We’re all hardcore recluses

This isn’t entirely untrue, but we’re not all nervous, eccentric shut-ins. We do prefer the creature comforts of home, tea (or coffee!), easy to move in clothing, frequent TV breaks, and music. Often we save our best for public appearances, so don’t be frightened if you meet us in the shops, and we look more than average. I just need milk and eggs; I’m a human dammit!

Authors must read 24/7

Clearly we’re authors because we love books, and yes have MANY that we have read. However, I’m sure our TBR lists are the longest in the world as often our free time is spent hammering away at our next book, blogging, promoting and trying to keep our dream alive. So needless to say sometimes we don’t read as much as we should.

You get to spend your life writing! How amazing!

Ergh, no. I wish. I can only speak for myself as an indie author – not sure about the inner workings of traditionally published peeps – but I have to have a steady job to make a living, and you know, EAT. My weekends sometimes are devoted to writing if I’m not cleaning, doing washing, catching up on bills, or being attacked by life/family members. And I don’t even have kids! (Shout out to those indies. How do you get ANYTHING DONE EVER?!)

You’re too young to have a book…

Ok, this is more one for me, and honestly, it annoys me to no end. Yes, I’m nearly 25. Yes, I have three books and a short story collection. So what? I work extremely hard on my writing and put my SOUL into EVERYTHING I write. Age doesn’t factor in.

Authors like wine.

This is not a misconception.

That’s it for now! 

Happy Reading xox