It’s so hard to do a top anything when it comes to books because new stuff is coming out all the time that quickly makes you re-think your faves list. However, for the sake of this blog here are are 5 of my top books (not of all time or forever) but ones that will have a place in my heart for years to come.


5. Holes by Louis Sachar

This is a fantastic adventure I will be cherishing with my children. Holes is a brilliant standalone novel about a boy with terrible luck, and it only gets worse! I first read this book in 2003 when I was preparing for a movie adaptation to be released and our school was going to see it. This book is on my top 5 because it did inspire me to write a book with a villain. The Warden is a bad, bad woman, but she is also smart, resourceful and knows how to get what she wants. On top of that, she has rattlesnake tainted nail polish and scratches those who annoy/disobey her. Her one-track-mind attitude of finding Kissin’ Kate Barlow’s treasure is what got to me.  I have to say that this character was fundamental in me creating Doctor in my Guardians Series.



  1. The Night Creatures Trilogy by Marianne de Pierres.

A great series by a lovely Australian author (and she’s not just in here because she’s a mentor of mine!), The Night Creatures brought me back to reading. In 2011, I was getting close to finishing uni and not reading as much as I should, or had been in the past. After reading this book, I got inspired to take my writing and talk to professionals about my work. It was only through this metamorphosis that I became an author. But enough about me!

Burn Bright, the first book in the series, is a YA sci-fi dystopian about Retra, a girl who sales away to Ixion to find her brother – who has long since left for the mysterious never sleep, continuous party island. This island is more than nightclubs; it has monsters, weird riper guardians and more.



  1. The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth

These books excited me to write more action which I think reflects in Divided. The first book, Divergent, is my favourite of the books. Despite the ending and my disagreeing with the way the third book was told, I do like this series.



  1. The Luna Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

This book series is amazing. A-may-zing. From page one to the end of the final word of book 4… nuts. I believe there has been yet another book released, but I’ve yet to pick it up. If you haven’t read the Luna Chronicles, I highly recommend tracking down Cinder and getting started asap. I waited far too long to read these books. They’re not as cheesy as I was expecting. I mean a cyborg Cinderella? Come on ~ but it works, it does! The story follows Cinder, Cress (Rapunzel) Scarlett (Little Read Riding Hood) and Winter (Snow White). The main villain is a take-off of the evil Queen from Snow White. There are princes, rebels, fights, gun fingers, awkward moments, IKO: the best character in the world, and more!



  1. Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli 

I love this book. Published before the days of YA, this book was hard for librarians to place. The two main characters Stargirl (yes that’s her name) and Leo (not my Leo! Haha) go on an adventure together of what it means to be different from the rest. She arrives at this school and inspires them to be weird… for a second. The strangeness of Stargirl becomes too much for the normal kids to handle and so she is pushed to be the thing that destroys her, normal. This book has love, hate, a pet rat, ukelele’s and rain dancing. What more could you want? If I have girls, this will be a book I will be sharing with them. That is if my copy hasn’t been utterly destroyed by then!