Well, September is here, I know… how?

It’s going to be a big and busy month for me. There is plenty happening right now between work and writing, I am still trying hard to get words down for Stories of the Past!

Right now it is literally all over the place. I write a scene and turn the words a different colour so I don’t forget that it isn’t part of the same chapter, and this has happened so much lately the whole document is basically a rainbow. It amazed me at my recent author talk how many people (and kids) think you have to write from page one, word one. Write what comes to you and then worry about what comes next. Sometimes, if I develop a great scene (or one I think is great) I write backwards. And not weird backwards, just “okay what came before that? Then what did he say before THAT? Then who walked in BEFORE THAT…” you get my point.

If that isn’t enough October has a my first ever interstate event!

My fellow author Jason Kendrick and I are preparing for Book Expo Australia which is happening in Sydney! If you’re Sydney-based and keen on going, you can check out the details on their website HERE.

I will have plenty of copies of my Guardians Series and I will be selling Bound with $10 going to the ALNF (as I’m doing everywhere until December 31st 2016) so make sure you come see us! You can learn more about Jason HERE.

Then before you know it, it will November and Supanova Brisbane will be upon us! Supanova is one of my big events and takes a lot of time and energy with three days of hardcore exhibiting and trying to dazzle strangers with my wits. Huuhhhhhhh~

I will have more on this event as it gets closer.

Finally, if you missed it the prologue for SOTP has gone live for you to enjoy! Video below!

Thanks for supporting & happy writing!